Our Story

We all know how awkward it is to walk into an adult themed brick and mortar store. Fears of someone you know seeing you, or fears of being judged by the cashier when they ask you questions. Hell, most of us are still embarrassed to walk into the closest drug mart to buy condoms!  We want every person to feel comfortable expressing their true self without feeling like they are being judged or criticized.

We hand pack every single box, specifically tailored to each and every customer, based on their level of openness and sex drive. By tailoring our packages to our customers’ liking we allow them to freely express their sexuality and slowly open up more to exploring themselves as well as their significant other.

Our commitment to Security

We at XES Box set the standard for security at an all-time high. We have incorporated SSL security, HTTPS, and TLS, as well as suspicious activity detection systems to protect consumer information online. Next we provide a discreet and safe delivery that starts from no package labeling to hidden billing statements.

We want every customer to feel safe when ordering from us and treat your security and privacy as if it were our own.

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